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Welcome To Diamond K Sweets

Smiles appear when Fudge O'Bits® are near!

Our Story

The Diamond K Sweets business has a long history of sweet making. As a child, my mother made multiple candies and cookies each Christmas. She would carefully store them in air-tight containers and hide them in the basement pantry. Of course my three siblings and I knew exactly where those goodies were stashed. We would sneak to the basement late at night and indulge ourselves in the delicious treats. The Sugar Plum Fairy could not compare to mom's homemade goodies. Today, we use the same fudge recipe she made over 50 years ago.

For the last 20 years, our family has been making fudge for gifts. When people began asking if they could purchase our fudge, we decide to take a leap of faith and move our small kitchen gift giving into a full fledged business adventure. We take great care in using only the finest, supremely delicious, 100% blend of chocolate for coating (no hydrogenated palm kernel oil), and a whole lot of love. Our Fudge O'Bits® are not made using pre-made mixes. We carefully select only quality ingredients so that our decadent products turn out excellent every time we make them. Part of what makes our product excel above others is the extra time we take to make small batches and attend to every detail. Fudge O'Bits®: an innovative twist on an old-fashioned favorite. Each bite will melt in your mouth, leave you with a smile and sigh, saying, "O' So Good!"

They say, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", and we say that is until she has a taste of our Fudge O'Bits®. Then she will realize that our delicious candy is A Jewel In Every Bite.