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Mint Ah' Fudge O'Bits® - Melt-in-your-mouth, minty delight. Chocolate Covered.

Old Fashioned Brittle
Fudge O'Bits 30 Piece Gold Gift Box Select Flavor(s)


Walnutty                           Hazelnut

Maple Pecan                    Vanillicious

Almond Toffee                  Pecan Pie

Banana Cream Fudge O'Bits® - Natural "Wow!" banana flavoring straight from the equator. Chocolate Covered.

Butter Crunch Toffee - ​Melt in your mouth goodness that will leave you craving more. Covered in our special blend of chocolate. We don't mean to boast, but we think our butter crunch toffee is pretty tasty.

Lemon Zest Fudge O'Bits® - Refreshing lemon zip that will tickle the palate with tingly zest. White Chocolate Covered.

Orange Delight Fudge O'Bits® - Delicious, sunny zing with genuine bits of dried orange peel. Chocolate Covered.

Key Lime Pie Fudge O'Bits® - Tart and sweet, smooth and light, made with real lime juice. White Chocolate Covered.

Coconut Fudge O'Bits® - Chocked full of sweetened coconut and exploding with tropical flavor. Chocolate Covered.


Root Beer Float               Cappuccino

Cheesecake                    Cookies N' Cream

Almond Toffe                    Birthday Cake

Toffee & Brittle

Flavor Descriptions

Rockin' Raspberry Fudge O'Bits® - Delightful, robust flavor made with dried raspberries and bursting

with berry goodness. Chocolate Covered.

Caramel Apple Pie Fudge O'Bits® - Real, chopped Honey Crisp apples and all natural caramel create a delicious apple pie à la mode flavor. White Chocolate Covered.

Birthday Cake Fudge O'Bits® - Sings "Happy Birthday" with every, colorful bite. White Chocolate Covered.

We carry 34 Flavors of Fudge O'Bits® on rotation. These gourmet gift boxes are unique and fun and will be the highlight for any recipient or enjoy this special treat, yourself.

Old Fashioned Cashew Brittle - This was Papaw's favorite. Each year, he was given 3 pounds of this delicious, buttery brittle for Christmas. Made with just the right snap. You won't go wrong for your brittle lovers with this product.

Available in Cashew and Deluxe Nut (no peanuts).


Sea Salt Caramel             Vanillicious

P'Nutti Better                    Coconut

ChocoSupreme                Coffee

Blueberry Bonanza Fudge O'Bits® - A delicious flavor bursting with dried blueberries. Chocolate Covered.

Coffee Legacy Fudge O'Bits® - Smooth, "Good Morning" coffee flavor. Chocolate covered.


Rockin' Rasperry            Caramel Apple Pie

Blackberry Blitz               Strawberry Blast

Blueberry Bonanza         Lemon Zest

Coconut                          Orange Delight

* Labels shown upside for informational purpose only. Labels are on the underside of each compartment in purchase boxes.

Very Cherry Fudge O'Bits® - Like a cherry cordial, without the cherry. Chocolate Covered.


Pina' Colada                     Lemon Zest

Key Lime                          Coconut

Orange Delight                Strawberry Blast

Maple Pecan Fudge O'Bits® - Combines the delicious flavor of fresh maple syrup and pecan pieces. Chocolate Covered.

Butter Crunch Toffee


Punkin' Spice     Very Cherry      Polar Mint

Mint Ah'              Egg Nog           Pecan Pie

Butter Rum         S'Mores            Fruitcake

30 Piece Gold Boxes contain 15, individually wrapped and labeled, 2 pack pieces of Fudge O'Bits®.

Perfect for unique gift giving.


Add Cold Pack for areas where temperature is above 65°. We are not responsible for orders shipped to warm climates without cold packs.

Gold Gift Boxes